Jan. 14, 2018

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

Description The Successful Pitch interviews successful startups who share their secrets in raising funding, as well as investors who share their criteria, so that you become an insider into the world of getting funded. Join your host, author and funding strategist John Livesay as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, easy to understand and inspiring. You will learn the 5 Cs needed to get funded fast: Confidence, Connection, Commitment, Collaboration and Check List. You can download the FREE PDF '3 Mistakes To Avoid When Pitching' at sellingsecretsforfunding.com

Website: http://www.johnlivesay.com

Opinion The description in iTunes is already trying to get me to sign up for free stuff, so I already feel like I'm being sold to....

I did like the setup that this will help me get people to say "That's interesting tell me more..." that was intriguing.

The clip of the interview was a little long for me. I like these short (after all, I'm going to hear it in a few minutes).

The sound quality sounds like you're trying to remove some hiss, but you're being too aggressive.

There is a spot in the episode where there should've been an advertisement but instead, there was a big blank spot.

I tuned in to hear John tell me about how to build a good pitch, and instead, John is interviewing some other author. I never understand why people who want to position themselves as an expert by giving the spotlight to someone else.

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