March 16, 2021

The Trail Connection

Description: The Trail Connection brings listeners/viewers alongside Tim Garland and various guests on outdoor excursions into many different locations around the country. Episodes comprised of a range of topics including hiking, camping, site setups, campfire cooking, gear reviews, story-telling, and adventure previews. Inspiring interest in getting outdoors through sharing experiences, learning from some really cool folks, and engaging in good conversation.


Video Version

Opinion: The music on the introduction was WAY too loud. Your introduction didn't stir any anticipation or make me think, "I can't wait to hear this." The guest audio was bad, and YOUR audio added hiss. Your first question was not great but did have a nice warm "coming of age" story, but the "tell me a little bit about yourself is code for, "I didn't do my homework." I do your like your artwork.

Your titles have the name of your show. You don't need that and are wasting your episode title and they as SO IMPORTANT.

All of this is easy to fix, but for now, this is not a great first impression.

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