Oct. 12, 2017

Think on This - Learn Random Knowledge

From their iTunes Description In this show, we're all about learning. Every episode, we pick a topic that is of interest to us and break it down. Some episodes, it's just us discussing/speculating. Others, we will have a guest that is an expert in their field join us and we'll learn alongside our listeners! We discuss concepts such as technology, science, history, geography and more! We also welcome topic suggestions from our listeners! We try to present the concepts in a way that anyone from any background can enjoy. (Not a boring college course). If you are interested learning random knowledge or speculating on weird topics, join Jon and Austin on this variety show designed to get you thinking!

Website: www.thinkonthiscast.com

Episode: www.thinkonthiscast.com/5


You start off saying you're going to make me think, then the co-host announces that he has nothing to say, and diverts into a story about going to the bathroom with a song stuck in his head. This is the best first impression you can come up with?

The title mentions you will be talking about the MAYAN Civilization, and you can't find anything to say? This screams you are not prepared, and probably shouldn't be recording. You should have a clear path of knowledge set before you that you are ready to capture on audio. If nothing else, bullet points of what you're going to cover. This was a horrible introduction of a podcast which was a shame as the audio quality and the pacing of the show's introduction was nice.

A better way would be to state how you're going to talk about the Mayans, and this includes: Who they are, what they are known for, and the most interesting time of the Maya, and then introduce your co-host and get into it.

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