Jan. 18, 2018

This is Rammy

Description This is Rammy is a podcast for Ramsbottom and the surrounding areas. Hosted by Lee, I bring events, news, interviews and reviews as well as general information from the Ramsbottom area.

Website: https://www.thisisrammy.co.uk

Opinion: I like the opening and energy of the show. The initial clip of the interview was a bit low. I like that Lee is talking to me, and sounds very warm and friendly.

The interview got sidetracked into this guy and his obsession with his dog. I don't remember hearing you ask a question, so I'm not sure how we got into this discussion. 

Tom seems quite a lot of energy and I bet he has some fun questions. When he finally got done talking about his dog, instead of turning the conversation into more of his story you pointed him back to his dog. There were some handling noises, but it wasn't too bad. 

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