June 25, 2017

This is The Conversation

According to their listing, "A podcast that recaps the various news and noteworthy current event topics discussed through social media and at ThisIsTheConversation.com"

My first impression is where in the heck is your iTunes button? 

In listening to the show five days after it was released, the host assumed everyone was listening on the day it was released, and I got a little confused. The first part of the show went on quite a bit before getting to the intro. Then went into a pitch where you can get paid for taking surveys (personal opinion, if there is no product, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT). I liked their honest approach of not making you rich.

I liked the idea of a bit more casual delivery of the news without being the Daily Show, but almost felt I wanted to bit more of the straight facts first, and then fill in any other details. 

I would move the advertisement to the middle (or have a quick 15-second spot) and get to the top news stories and give the people what they tuned in for. 

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