April 12, 2023

UChoose Podcast Reviewed


Join in the fun as Eddie and Lee read through the 80's Choose Your Own Adventure books and YOU decide how the story ends. Join us live on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch or listen later on podcast app of your choice.

Website: www.uchoosepodcast.com

What I Liked About This Episode

The co-hosts have great chemistry, and I love the idea of the show.

You started off with some nice theater of the mind and then got sidetracked.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

There is an annoying buzz in the background that once noticed can't be unheard.

You seem to repeat yourself. As a new audience member, I understood the concept of Uchoose, and was waiting for the book.

If you want to catch up and share teeth stories do it AFTER you do the start part. People LOVE stories, but they don't want to wait 10 minutes for them.

These are easy fixes. Your artwork is a bit hard to read. I would remove your names and make the UCHOOSE PODCAS even bigger. Let your description describe the show.

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