March 1, 2022

Uncanny Robot


Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast Listen to a fine collection of surreal and hilarious AI-generated short stories read by Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Clarion West 2015 Graduate Thersa Matsuura and sound designer Rich Pav.

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What I Liked About This Episode

The introduction let me know what was coming.

The audio quality was good (especially for only being their 2nd podcast).

I loved that they were going to provide some "behind the scenes" and they are going to do it toward the end of the show (which keeps the stories at the front)

I love that this is original. It's not a movie review, true crime, bro-cast, etc. It ticks one of the signs of a good podcast which is, "Information you can't get anyplace else."

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

The introduction of the first episode was a lil' clunky. It sounded like you were winging it. You're talking about last week's show, but you couldn't remember what it was.... I would've stopped, regrouped, and taken another stab at it.

As this was the second episode, this is somewhat normal, and probably a little bit of nerves. You did a great job of introducing the second story. So the intro (after the voice-over person) could be as simple as:

Rich: "Hey, Thersa."

Thersa, "Hey Rich, What do you have today?"

Rich: "I've got an AI story about Elvis being alive. How about you?

Thersa: "I've got a story about Jim Morrison" Where should we start?

Then you pick a story and go (and make sure not to spoil the story).

The Elvis story pulled me in, but it started to lose me when it went into stalker mode.

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