Oct. 7, 2019

Veterans in Cannabiz

Comments on Veterans in Cannabiz?



The cannabis/hemp industries are the new gold rush for investors and entrepreneurs, but veterans are being left in the dark due to the stigma and misunderstood financial aspects of the industry. Cannabis business owners also don't know how to communicate with the military community about opportunities in their businesses.

This show aims to fill the void.

Brought to you by a West Point graduate who believes in the multi-faceted benefits of cannabis, Scott R. Tucker is passionate about showing the veteran and military spouse community how to become leaders in the Cannabis Gold rush.




The music intro with no voice-over was too long. You kind of lost me introducing why the guest was on at the beginning. You got a little to inside baseball talking about groups the audience has no access to. You did a great job with your first question. I've said it before. Anchor.fm is horrible

For a second episode, you are out of the gate. With a little post production to lose some "ums" you are well on your way.

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