July 22, 2020

We Build Tribes with Mark Bowness

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Weekly podcast with Mark Bowness speaking with coaches, mentors and change-makers to build purpose driven tribes that impact the world. Find out more about Mark Bowness and join his online community - https://www.facebook.com/groups/iworkinpersonaldevelopment or visit https://markbowness.com.au/ and watch his free masterclass "How My Darkest Moment Became The Catalyst To Becoming A 7 Figure Coach Who Has Built A Purpose Driven Tribe On A Mission To Impact One Million Lives"




I like your passion, and when you came on mic, you sounded great. Your intro is pretty much unusable. I can't hear you. Your audio sounds like you're in a cave. then yo started your show with an apology. I love that you care so much for your audience, but this is a horrible way to start an episode. Put this at the end where your super loyal listeners are still listening (and who will be interested in your apology, and your awesome business update). The new person tuned in to hear what a tribe is. Once you got to that, you had some good content. I just had to sit through an apology, and a humble brag for five minutes to get to it. There are many other little things that need tweaking on this show that could really boost its growth and he could benefit from a Full Podcast Review.

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