Sept. 2, 2019

Welcome to My Show

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An improvised "comedy" variety show that focuses on embracing the terrible things in the world! From bad dates, freaky finds on Craigslist, and conspiracy theories, to phone calls home to mom, this show has everything you've never asked for and more!



I like, no, I LOVE the snarkiness. The garbage thing is somewhat confusing but ok. The music you have has lyrics and makes my head explode trying to listen to the song and your voice at the same time.  I liked the story and your vulnerability. You are right on the edge of a plosive problem where you pop your B's and P's. Point the butt of your microphone at 2 O Clock and the front of the mic at the CORNER of your mouth. Then say Happy Peanut Butter or Bobby puts pizza in his pants. If you don't hear plosives you're good.

I do look down and see there is another 40 minutes to go. You're off to a good start. As you're telling stories, you might want to check out the book Storyworthy by Mathew Dicks. You can get it at Amazon or for free at Audible.

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