Dec. 1, 2022

Who Makes a Podcast


Conversations with your favorite podcast hosts about who they are, the shows they make, and why they make them.


What I Liked About This Episode

The audio quality is top-notch, and the delivery is really good. You do a great job of explaining what the show is about and getting right to your guest. You give a table of contents so the listener can decide if they want to stick around or not.

The production was top-notch with great audio and presentation.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

For Me, while I get why we read someone's bio, I'm more interested in why the host is excited to have someone on their show. The other thing my logical mind is wanting is a goal. We learn about podcast hosts so I can ???? (be a better podcaster? ).

I never understand the question, "what was podcasting like in 2005?" Now, consider your source, for me, it is somewhat of a boring question (because I was there) and I never quite get what value that delivers for the audience. But again, that's me - in this case - talking about me. As this is more of "the story of the host" I can see why the question is there.

The Goal Of This Show

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