March 12, 2018

Why Do We Own that?

Description Married Millenials David and Cassie De Almo own 236 DVDs in a 400sq ft. studio apartment in Brooklyn. Many of them in shrinkwrap. Listen to their recaps as they force themselves to watch all 236 DVDs in their collection, regardless of quality, discuss why they own that, and if they will keep it or feed it to the sharks.


Opinion This wasn't as bad as I thought. They are 35ish episodes in, and they were being a bit snarky in a Facebook group today and I decided to take a peak at their show.


You get right to the interview once you are on the show, and you have good chemistry (most married people do)


Your Audio quality is about a 6.5 out of ten and you could boost it super easy. First of all as you are watching a DVD you can easily run the sound out of the DVD player into a computer with a few cables instead of recording the audio off the TV (please note this may not be legal). Then you have two people sharing one mic. Get an Audio Technica ATR2100 for both people and your audio will improve immensely without spending thousands of dollars.

See this kit

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