Nov. 22, 2018

Working Cows

Comments on Working Cows?



The Working Cows podcast exists to give you something to think about as you seek to increase your ability as a ranch manager, stockman, financial manager, land steward, or our most important resource, the people who are on the journey with us toward ranch business success. We focus on the four pillars of a ranching operation featuring people who are actually making the daily decisions that change the course of their ranch business



I liked the intro and description. The music was a bit long, but I liked when you came on and jumped right in. You are talking to me, and not reading to me, and it seems very conversational. You did almost lose me as you kept talking about what you would be talking about. At some point, you need to get to the details. I did have a bit of issue hearing you when you first started (music was a little low). I did like the stats you started with. It really caught my attention. There was a bit retrospective so I understand why you were taking a bit to get to the details and that's fine. You do like the phrase paradigm shifting as you used it alot. I do like that when you got to increasing profitability, then you got to the steps by step on how to do that. All in all a decent show, and I congratulate you on one year in podcasting.

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