Aug. 10, 2017

WP Plugins A To Z

From their Website: Now Powering over 25% of the web WordPress and with over 40k plugins and growing. How do you sort the gems from the junk? Your hosts John Overall and Marcus Couch have an unrehearsed weekly conversation taking you behind the scenes to uncover some of the great and no so great plugins for WordPress. Save yourself hours of time and effort listen now to WordPress Plugins from A to Z. See their website 


I like the tease at the beginning of the show so people can decide if they want to listen. I know exactly what the show is about and who the target audience is. You then have us sit through a weather report, and a whole lot of asking for stuff. If you follow Gary V's philosophy you give first then take. If a new person comes to your show, you are asking for a review and I would ask, "a review of what? that person hasn't heard any real content yet." Also, rating and reviews help in social proof but not in rankings in iTunes is a crap shoot, and for the most part don't boost downloads (at least in the thousands that people think they would). You mentioned the No Agenda Show, they do their pimping in the middle of the show. They also make their donation segment entertaining (John and his pronunciations, and Jingles).

You seem apologetic to self-promote. Change that around and use your experience to introduce yourselves. I"m John and I've been providing Emergency Wordpress support for over X years. Find me at (website). I'm Marcus Couch the editor of .... You guys always do a good job at the end with the "Fine me at " mentions. Use this in the intro to answer the new listener's question, "Why should I listen to these guys." Just make it quick and focused (we don't need the whole resume).Remember the goal is to get to the content. A new listener doesn't really care about you until you give them good content.

You might consider moving some of your segments (asking for donations, asking for plugins to review) and work them in between the plugins. Currently, I fast forward through the first 5 minutes of your show until I hear the music alerting me the real show is going to start. If you got to the plugins, and the intertwined the spots in between the plugins (in a focused, straight to the point way) I think people would sit through the spots knowing that another plugin was around the corner. Realize the people who have been skipping the beginning of your show will not like this new format (as you've removed the option to skip the plugs and asks...)


Your show is listed twice in iTunes with both listings pointing at the same feed (I didn't know that was even possible). This might end up hurting your rankings as you are competing against yourself. 

The listing in iTunes that has a spot for your website has your feed there (so people who click on website to go to your website are probably going to get a face full of code). So instead of driving traffic to your website, your potentially confusing your audience

Your audio has a high pitched noise in it (more than likely a ground loop). I heard it in my headphones, but probably not a huge deal if I was listening in a car. 

Wrap Up

This is different, as I've listened to this show for years. I always fast forward through the intro as I tune in for the plugins. It's hard as you are putting alot of time into it, and you need some ROI for your time. How do you plug your services without taking away too much from the content? 

Check out their website

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