Feb. 25, 2020

Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

Comments on Yeah, That's a Probably an Ad?




Join the scrappy, skeptical Adweek news team as we debate the highs and lows of creativity, advertising, marketing, media and technology.




I liked the intro and the audio sounds good. There isn't anything majorly wrong with this show, it just needs tightened up. For example, I know you're excited about the new co-host but this could've gone toward the end of the episodes as the title about Peleton got me to click and you took four minutes to get to it. The introduction of the co-host was a little lose (get the titles secured before turning on the mic) but all in all not bad. The question is would I keep listening as I was curious what you had to say. It was weird that you explained the ad, and then played it (why not one or the other?).

On a side note you are using a very old version of the Libsyn podcast page. Contact their support and ask how to upgrade (or set up your feed to look at the adweek website).

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