Feb. 16, 2021

Balancing Christian Life

I loved your description and as a Christian myself I was excited. As a first time listener, you thanked all of the people who helped during the year. I would move that to the end (where super listeners are still listening). You did the dreaded "double intro" where you introduce your guest, and go to the interview where you introduced your guest.

For me, I'm not sure we need his back story to understand the subject of the podcast today and consequently, I got bored. We were five minutes in and I was learning more about his parents.

Your audio (not the guest) also has "more than usual" hiss. I would check your recording level and make sure they are between -12 and -6.

I loved your delivery (you do talk fast as do I) and I love the concept of the show, but it was a little too slow out of the gate to hold my attention.

I was so happy that you didn't fall into the stereotypical Christian show which begs for cash

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