Dec. 22, 2020

Dance of Joy: A Perfect Strangers Rewatch Podcast

Comments on Dance of Joy: A Perfect Strangers Rewatch Podcast?



Siblings Imran and Sofia rewatch and rediscover every episode of their childhood-favorite ‘80s sitcom Perfect Strangers as adults! Is this show fun? Of course, it is! Don't be ridiculous!



First off, I didn't watch this show so keep that in mind. You did make me giggle thinking about wearing a uniform with a nametag. The co-sister gag went on a bit long, and your brother's bell is on my verses quickly. Why do I earn points? I was waiting for an old AHH-OOO-GAH! horn. I liked the idea about the name tags and the BMV not changing, but it took you four minutes to get to the episode. So any additional items you were getting to you had to get through some of the "let be cute witty banter" at the beginning. You seem to spend time on the crossword puzzle stuff which seemed like a tangent.  Keep in mind if you don't make me laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain me you are being bored.  I was worried you were just going to tell me what was in the show, and it seemed like that was the path we were going down... So for me, you made me think about some things I hadn't thought about and that pulled me in. Your brother seems to be trying really hard to be funny.  This might've resonated with me more if I had watched the show. I would try to cut back on the witty banter at the beginning of the show and get to the episode quicker. The reason the office girls works is they are giving you the information you can't get anywhere else (as they were on the show) so when they explain what happened on the show they were able to give new insights. If the goal of the show is to have fun with your brother, congrats as your show is already successful. Try to find someone who watched the show (not named Mom) and get their opinion. 

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