April 28, 2021

Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe

Description: Welcome to Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe! Just a couple longtime buddies from Canton Ohio doing what we do best, drinking beer and talking about sports! Each episode, we'll have a special guest along for the ride as we discuss and debate the ongoings in the sports world, along with anything else that we can imagine from movie reviews to our favorite music, and of course, cold beers.. Cheers!

Website: anchor.fm/hot-takes-and-cold-beers-with-chris-and-joe

Opinion: Your audio sounds like you're sharing one mic. There is a TON iof mic handling noise. Your audio has a fair amount of reverb. I have no idea what is coming, and your introduction assumes we've listened before. After listening to two minutes, I learned more about Skyler's name than sports.

You need a domain. See www.coolerwebsites.com they are less than $20 a year.

An easy way to start the show is to say welcome to the Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe show. I'm Chris. I'm Joe, and I'm Skyler. You need to designate someone as the host who drives the show and the other person is color commentary.

Do some show prep, and make sure everyone knows where you are going and what points will be made (not a script, but bullet points).

You have a ton of intro music. Once you are introduced, give two beats and get on the mic. I would have everyone get their own microphone and get a recorder.

You are up against ESPN so you have to bring a bit more professionalism. You probably have a lot of inside jokes that nobody in your audience is going to get. See this free webinar on gear.

The good news is this is all fixable.

Find out more at https://podcast-rodeo.pinecast.co

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