June 6, 2019

David Gilmour Podcast

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Guitarist, singer and songwriter of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour will be auctioning more than 120 of his guitars for charity in June 2019. Featuring a brand new and exclusive interview with David himself, each episode focuses on a different one of the remarkable instruments from this collection, looking at the music that was recorded on them and detailing the musical history of one of the world's most influential guitarists.




I loved the production, and it made me smile hearing some of Pink Floyd's music in a podcast. The pace was a little slow, and I'm not sure I'm really interested in the shop where the guitar was purchased. I did like that the interviewer got to an interesting story where Pink Floyd had some gear stolen. As a guitar player I want to hear him demo the guitar. Give me some licks that aren't on a CD (or play something that IS on a CD and give me the story). I don't really care about the store it was purchased form. All in all when I pressed stop, I would want to hear more of this show.

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