June 11, 2019

Work 2.0 - From Future of Work to Jobs Of Future

This Shouldn't Be This Hard

The gig at fiver states, " Please provide

  1. A link to your website
  2. A link to your episode on your website (or a direct link to the file).

So I got a link to Apple. I actually got many links to apple none of which indicate what episode.

I replied back:

Thank you for the many links. Unfortunately, none of them are what I asked for.

If you tell me what episode you want to be reviewed, I believe I can sort through the rest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

The reply did not contain an episode, it contained a link to a YouTube channel.

For Pet's sake people! WTF?

Comments on Work 2.0 - From Future of Work to Jobs Of Future?



<pre>As technology is getting smarter and jobs/work today requires more thinking and collaborations, the work is getting redefined. This podcast will take a deeper dive into those conversation that impacts any/every working professional. We will invite guests who are leading top organizations, redefining the future of work, defining the jobs of future and preparing organizations for the Work 2.0 that is already here. So, if your job demands thinking, collaboration and growth mindset, this podcast will help you stay strong and grow at work.</pre>




You have a serious branding issue. The show is called Work 2.0 but you introduce your show as HR Tips. The intro music is a bit loud. You have an accent, and while you're not hard to understand the music made me strain to hear you (and you could fade out sooner). Your introduction seemed like you were unsure of where you were going. This is your intro and needs to be clear and concise. You kept saying things like "You know" and I don't know. I believe the whole point of the episode is businesses want you to make sure the employees are not a liability, and the HR person needs to address the human side. You started to talk about an example, but give me a SPECIFIC example so I can start using the theater of the mind. I can hear the passion in your voice that you want to serve both the business and the human side of HR, but I was confused as to wear I was going.

You might consider stating that as one sentence. Today we are going to talk about the biggest problem in HR __. You've seen it where _____. How do you handle that? We'll discuss it today on (whatever the name of your show is).

You're using Soundcloud and they are a bad media host. As Apple continues to add new features, I would recommend switching to Libsyn.com using the coupon code sopfree to get a free month of hosting. Soundcloud is more of a music platform and is really outdated in regards to podcast hosting.

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